Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Road Goes On Forever - II

More from Marshall -

Grabbing a shot of the Hand of God touching the landscape, Denali

Ceiling of the Salty Dawg, Homer, AK

Campground, uh Marshall might have to help on this ID...

Uh, this one, too

OK, that makes three

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  1. I'm finally back in the saddle (at my home office) for a few weeks, so I can fill in these blanks:

    1. The campground is in Wrangel/St. Elias, on the road to the end of the road. This place made me feel like being in the bus in "Into the Wild."

    2. This is the bar at the hotel atop Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park, the British Columbia version.

    3. Outside, looking into the wolf education center we stumbled upon somewhere in southern BC.