Sunday, September 5, 2010


Homer Spit
Everyone who had lived in or visited Alaska recommended going to Homer and many of the older, smaller cities that ring the southern and southeastern portion of the state. So, when we left Anchorage, we settled on Homer as our next stop. After all what is not appealing about a town that is actually named after a con man - Homer Pennock?

We actually spent all our time on the spit - cruised the street a bit, and had a beer at the infamous Salty Dawg. The photos convey little of the appeal of this landmark.

We also decided that it was imperative to sample the seafood. We stopped at an establishment (that will remain nameless) - Marshall had some crab and I sampled eight local oysters.

The establishment will remain nameless, because the oysters ran through me like a hot knife through butter over the next eight hours.

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