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Getting that itch to hit the road

11 days (with more than enough to do: isn't there a corollary to Murphy's Law that before going on a trip and/or vacation you have to do all the work beforehand which would need to be done while you're gone?) and I'm itching to get on the road, although nothing has been packed.
The last time I made a month-long road trip was my Bicentennial Trip with Eric. We left Colorado and went to Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, up to St. Louis through Tennessee, Arkansas and then back through Kansas to Colorado.
This is a bus stop near Nogales, taken on that trip.


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A New Direction

Marshall and I went to Alaska together in 2010. The vehicle that we traveled in (Marshall's Sprinter) was so enjoyable that I bought one in late summer 2011, and have begun to make frequent trips around the west. Right now, Marshall and Bonnie are in Marfa, Texas (on Facebook, check out "A Month in Marfa.") Next month, we're going to begin and post a website of postcards between artists, dating back to the early 1970s. I'm probably going to launch a new blog in the next couple of months.....travels around the west, and my work on the archives of photographers L.H. ("Ben") Benschneider, and Robert C. Bishop. Stay tuned.

Toad River Lodge, Saturday 28 August - POSTSCRIPT

A A collection of over 6,800 hats stapled to the ceiling throughout the restaurant....and growing. One of the stories associated with the place is the origin of the name....The Alaska highway was constructed in 10 months, 1942-43. One version of "Toad River" is that the engineers had to tow supplies and materials across at that particular point, and it somehow got bastardized from "towed" to "toad." There are many such strange stories and origins to the naming of places in Alaska.              (I mean, why was Denali originally called McKinley? (other than his recent assassination....he never visited the place.)