Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Robert Service

(Everyone out there will be getting a good dose of his writing, as I just purchased a complete book of his poems for the trip. A romantic partner re-introduced me to his work around 1973-4, reading out loud his poetry every New Year's Eve. It is something that I have since carried forward.)

An interesting delivery of probably his most widely known poem.


There was a good three to four feet of snow on the ground when Joe and I went to East Topsham, Vermont, in February, 2008. Joe was visiting Cone Editions to check in on the printing of the "West and West" photographs. I was tagging along, (staying with him and Betsy in Providence, before and after - and coordinating my visit with Anthony Hernandez, another old friend); Joe and I were the only inhabitants in a large house that Cone uses for students when they run workshop classes.

It was cold - not exactly bitter, but very cold - with three to four feet of snow on the ground. Joe and I spent most of our time at the "lab", watching Larry do his magic and talking about the prints. We'd wander out for dinner in the area, and otherwise play cards in the place we were staying - and photograph through the windows.

It is a special memory.

Front door, East Topsham, VT, February 2008

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